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Jan Borchers: The Aachen Media Space: Design Patterns for Augmented Work Environments

The author, who published the original book on HCI design patterns, has worked on interactive meeting rooms, or Augmented Environments (AEs) since 1995. He has captured his experience in designing such environments within the patterns presented here. The chapter first introduces the design pattern format, gives practical tips for reading and writing design patterns, and presents the AE from which the patterns in this chapter were distilled. The main part of this chapter then consists of the collection of design patterns for AEs. These patterns provide practical guidance on how to create an AE, with a focus on architectural, interior design, software infrastructure, and user interface considerations. The chapter includes 19 such patterns connected into a network, as well as suggestions for additional patterns.

Chapter 10, in S. Lahlou (ed.), Designing User Friendly Augmented Work Environments: From Meeting Rooms to Digital Collaborative Spaces, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, DOI 10.1007/978-1-84800-098-8_6, Springer Verlag, London, 2009. Available from the book website (external link).

PLML (pronounced "pellmell"): The Pattern Language Markup Language

The CHI 2003 workshop group is currently creating a markup language for pattern languages in XML - PLML. Here is the current dtd (with some browsers you'll need to save the file and view it with some text-editor).

Jan Borchers' HCI Design Patterns for Interactive Exhibits

Some examples taken from Jan Borchers' Book A Pattern Approach to Interaction Design and converted into PLML.

Jenifer Tidwell's Common Ground and updated Pattern Language

Jenifer Tidwell, who also authored the widely known Common Ground HCI Design Pattern Language back in '99, has recently published an updated pattern collection online that is applicable to web design as well as desktop applications and other areas of UI design.

Martijn van Welie's Design Patterns

Martijn van Welie has a nice site on mainly design patterns with a huge collection of examples.

Sally has set up a collection of styles and formats used for HCI patterns, represented by pattern examples from various authors.

Yahoo Design Patterns Library

A web design patterns library (external link), part of the Yahoo developer network.

Michael Mahemoff's Pattern Languages for Usability

Michael's research aimed to constrain the scope of pattern languages in order to bring out the tightly-connected "language" quality. The example pattern languages cover (a) internationalisation/culture, (b)safety-critical usability, and (c) MVC (Model-View-Controller) combined with generic tasks.

Interaction Design Patterns in Games.

Eelke Folmer has defined a collection of interaction design patterns for computer games. These patterns describe solutions to usability problems typically found in games. This collection is freely accessible on the following

Infragistics Quince UX Patterns Explorer

A Silverlight powered database (external link) displaying 90 HCI patterns (called User eXperience Patterns by Microsoft) with sample screen shots from Windows, Mac and Web applications. The content can be commented by registered users.

Brian Christiansen's Design Patterns

A Flickr collection with findings of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the web.

Oracle Fusion Design Patterns

A collection (external link) of patterns for Oracle Fusion applications.

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