Tabletop Patterns

Researchers and developers in the field of interactive tabletops have produced many different technologies and designs. However, for designers it is hard to find guidelines or standards to compare and improve their design decisions with the vast quantity of solutions in this area.

The Media Computing Group (external link) created an HCI design pattern language [1] to overcome this lack of guidelines. To extend the language, ensure the usefulness, and improve the quality of the identified patterns, we propose an interactive and collaborative approach, where knowledge workers from different facilities with experience in the domain of interactive tabletops contribute to this pattern language.

At EuroPLoP 2010 [2], the tabletop patterns were evaluated by design pattern experts in a Writers' Workshop. Furthermore, we intend to encourage the tabletop community to take part in the process of identifying new design patterns, enhancing the language and increasing their value for tabletop researchers, engineers, and developers.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to write to tabletoppatterns (at)

[1] Christian Remy, Malte Weiss, Martina Ziefle, and Jan Borchers. A Pattern Language for Interactive Tabletops in Collaborative Workspaces. In EuroPLoP '10: Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Irsee Monastery, Germany, July 2010. (bibtex) (external link) (pdf) (external link)
[2] EuroPLoP 2010 (external link)

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