These shepherds have expressed their interest...

Gertrud Bjornvig,

Alejandro Fernandez,

one of:
- hermann/wissen
- Bienhaus

Torsten Holmer,

1. Hermann/Wissen
2. Lyons/Kluender
3. Ziegler

Ralph Johnson,

one paper:
I'd rather get a real pattern paper like Herman and Wissen, even though it needs a lot of work,
than a paper about patterns, like the one by Judy Roell. But I will take
any of the papers that makes an attempt to describe patterns.

Catherine Letondal,

James Nobel (evtl.),

one of:
- Jan Borchers
- Judy Roell
- Michael J. Lyons, Daniel Kluender

Till Schümmer,

I'll take any paper - if needed even two, but I'd prefer just one. Maybe the ones of Diethelm Bienhaus and the Paper by Kai Uwe Loser would not really suit me because I know the sheep personally. Shepherding a paper of sonmeone you don't know is more interesting because you don't have any pre-understanding of the author's thoughts.

Uwe Zdun,

any paper, pattern paper preferred.

John C. Thomas

Not sure whether I should choose only a few or the whole collection, but
my first choice is eight patterns for speech interaction for older adults.
I have some background in speech synthesis, speech reco, voice messaging,
and the psychology of aging.

Second choice: social learning via gaming

Third choice: computer and videogames for learning

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